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Caracas Airport Informational Guide to Caracas - Simón Bolívar Airport - Non Official

Caracas Airport Taxi

Get within 30 minutes to downtown Caracas from Simon Bolivar International Airport.

We cannot guarantee your safety as Caracas Airport is one of the most violent and unsafe airports in the world. Even though, taxi turns to be one of the safest means to transfer to downtown.


Given the crisis situation in the country, we recommend you not to accept rides from taxis already carrying passengers or unofficial taxis. While taking a taxi, please be extremely careful. There have been reports of violent robbery and also slaughter among tourists in taxis.

On the other hand, cabs don’t have meters. Be sure to count with negotiation and good Spanish skills.  

We also ought passengers to take a taxi inside the airport due to security concerns.


Taxi ranks are located in the designed ground transportation area.


Take a look at the taxi companies available in Caracas Airport:

Taxi Tour: www.taxitour.com.ve 
Email : info@taxitour.com.ve 
Phone: (0212) 794.12.64 / (0414) 115.16.30 / (0416) 608.31.50 / (0412) 267.01.03 

Cooperativa Taxi Explorer Astrala: www.astrala.com 
Email : info@astrala.com 
Phone: :(0212) 860.81.38 / 860.56.27 / (0414) 126.82.07 

Taxi Explorer UTAC: 
Email : info@taxi-utac.com
Phone: (0212) 575.00.53 / 575.12.31 

Phone: (0414) 291 29 33


The fare for a one-way trip to the city center is about US$45.  

Please bear in mind the following conditions to take a taxi at Caracas Airport: 
- Only one destination
- Night service is from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am (it is applied on weekends)
- In case of carrying large baggage there’s a surcharge of BS 15.00 for each bag


Private transportation are one of the safest ways to travel in the area. We recommend to book a private transfer to your destination. 

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